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Christmas is just around the corner, so I decided to make my very own Christmas wishlist. But in reality, it’s is just an excuse to feature some of the things that caught my eye among this year’s round-up of kitchenware and accessories from a few of my favorite brands. This is just the first of many more, since if I were to include everything here, it might take forever to list them.

1) First on the list is this really cute ceramic basket. It’s actually a ceramic version of the carton box they use to sell blueberries with in the markets. They have it five different colors! How cool is that!

2) A cookie/loose tea jar. I was specifically attracted to the embossed flower patterns on the surface! It’s beautiful!

3) Glass candle holders with paper slips, I really want to make one when I get the time; the cutlery set on the side is a beautiful piece from Terrain, I forgot to put a number on it.

4) A table napkin featuring the four seasons of the year. I love the color palette.

5) I need an apron. I hate washing the dishes and having my shirt all drenched. But what I really want is this checkered apron from Muji. Sad that it costs P1,450.

6) A ceramic baby milk powder container. It’s such a waste for anyone to actually use this thing. But it would look cute on display in a nursery.

7) Can you believe that these 5 wooden animal figures can fit in each of your five fingers!

8) These are coasters. I wish they come up with chopping boards of the same concept.

9) A slender karaff with a custom fit wooden wrap. urgh it’s just sooo pretty!

10) I love how the Japanese drink can was turned into a holder of utensils. Smart idea.

11) I’m totally biased over earthen wares that look like they’ve just been shipped straight off the potter’s.

12) Guess what this is? A thin wooden boat tray! I think it’s supposed to be disposable, but I wouldn’t be crazy enough to throw that away after just one use.

13) Heart patterned paper straws from Donna Hay.

Items featured here are from Anthropologie, Donna Hay General Store, Terrain, MUJI

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