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Cupcakes by Sonja releases their new Chocolate Hostess Cupcake filled with melted marshmallow goodness!

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Check the blog entry at Photokitchen.

Another Christmas post! I’m really getting into the holiday spirit now! Here’s something you wouldn’t want to miss, Christmas themed cupcakes brought to you by none other than Cupcakes by Sonja. Since the icing has a sweet minty flavor, it’s like snow flakes and winter breeze in every bite. swooosh!

Three days ago, I received this delectable cake on my doorstep together with some other sweet treats. It was from two of my students who happen to own and run a bakery. Surprise surprise, I’m actually a teacher. I teach basic photography and food photography at our little school called 50 Feasts. But anyway, as soon as I set my eyes on this cake, I couldn’t get myself to eat it without taking a photo first.

I wanted to surprise them with this photo so I didn’t get to ask what the name of the cake was. I took the liberty to name it myself just for this blog entry. I called it “The Campfire Cake”, works right? The Campfire Cake is made of roasted marshmallows on a bed of rich chocolate ganache crusted with crushed grahams. It’s such a feast for both the eyes and your sweet tooth. You won’t regret serving this for a special Christmas dinner.

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note: This is not an official poster of Red Mango.